🏭Platform Overview

Existing active farming and staking opportunities for current and future investors:

Dead Pools farming:

Deposit your LPs to earn USDC.

Dead Pools are available for 12 months, rewards can be topped which will increase APR!!!

Farming Dead Pool allocations:

  • BASED-FTM LP: 10,000 USDC

  • BSHARE-FTM LP: 10,000 USDC

  • BBOND single stake : 10, 000 USDC

Currently Matrix Farms are providing our community Auto-compounding options on our farms!!!

Acropolis (Boardroom)

  • Epoch duration: 6 Hours

  • Deposits / Withdrawal of BSHARE into/from Acropolis will lock BSHARE for 4 epochs and BASED rewards for 2 epochs.

  • BASED rewards claim will lock staked BSHARE for 4 epochs and the next BASED rewards can only be claimed 2 epochs later

Acropolis UI Available Information

Next Seigniorage indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 6 hours)

APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the amount of BSHARE staked (USD value). Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is dependent on certain factors such as:

  • Price of BASED

  • Price of BSHARE

  • Amount of BSHARE staked in Acropolis (Locked Value)

Acropolis on Contraction Periods

Acropolis will not mint any BASED (NO REWARDS ON ACROPOLIS) while TWAP is below 1.01

Acropolis Debt Phase

Debt Phase take place on the expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still BBONDs to be redeemed.

65% of Expansion during Debt Phase is allocated to the Treasury Fund to prepare for the BBOND Redemption. This amount is still reserved whether or not BBOND holders are redeeming bonds or not.

Once BASED in treasury is sufficiently full to meet all circulating bond redemption, expansion rates will resume to normal.

BBOND emitted per epoch during contraction periods can be found in Theatre.

Theatre (Bonds)

BBOND (bond tokens) are available for purchase when BASED falls below the 1 FTM peg. If BASED TWAP is between 1.00 and 1.01, neither BBOND nor BASED will be issued.

e.g. if BASED TWAP < 1, exchange BASED for BBOND will be in a 1:1 ratio.

BBOND (bond tokens) are available for redemption when BASED goes above the 1 FTM peg.

To encourage redemption of BBOND for BASED when BASED TWAP > 1.1 and incentivize users to redeem at a higher price, BBOND redemption will be more profitable with a higher BASED TWAP value, of which BBOND to BASED ratio will be 1:R, where R can be calculated in the formula as shown below:


Where coeff = 0.7

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