Provide Liquidity

In order to provide Liquidity, we first have to purchase either BASED or BSHARE (have a look at our "How to buy" section if you need help in doing so), depending on which pool you want to be farming in.

There are several ways to provide liquidity:

  1. Visit our Based DEX at Click liquidity tab Choose assets you want to create liquidity with Enter amount of either asset you want to use - DEX will calculate needed amount for the other asset Click LETS GO!

2. Visit our BasedFinance webpage at Choose a pool you want to be farming in - click view button. Click button CREATE LIQUIDITY ON BASEDSWAP - which will redirect you to our DEX and have chosen assets already set: Enter amount of assets you want to use and click LETS GO!

3. Click Matrix AC button of chosen pool after you visit You will be redirected to Matrix Farm webpage where you can use 1 asset to zap-in into chosen LP and enjoy auto-compounding rewards by growing your LP position and adding buy pressure to our assets!!!

BASED-FTM-LP: 0x0981916Bd96d375dAd0067Fd24E19120D2fcF5e6

BSHARE-FTM-LP: 0x52A5B9E36F53b54Ed9ddd7a4e66Ac26696E9F0be

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