How To Buy

Assuming you already have a wallet with FTM chain set up:

  1. You can visit our website

Click burger menu item button - click action button - you will be redirected to our Based Dex!

2. You can visit our Based Dex webpage

Choose the asset you want to purchase - approve token spend limit - click swap!

If you are using an aggregator and $BASED does not show up on the Exchange, please use the address provided below to purchase BASED. Simply copy/paste the address.

BASED: 0x8D7d3409881b51466B483B11Ea1B8A03cdEd89ae

BSHARE: 0x49C290Ff692149A4E16611c694fdED42C954ab7a

We are partnered with Firebird Dex aggregator and we recommend using them if you have USDC and want to purchase our ecosystem tokens!

Congratulations, you are now part of the most BASED ecosystem

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