DAO Fund

The fund controlled by the developers of BASED Finance that conducts buybacks and acts as a reserve to help maintain the peg.

DAO Wallet Address:

The DAO fund is the second line of defense on top of the Bond Mechanism. The DAO fund is controlled by the Developers and will later move to a governance system to vote on using funds in certain areas of the project and outside including investment, marketing etc.
Information about the DAO is as follows:
  • When BASED is below peg buybacks will be initiated by the DAO
  • When BASED is above peg the DAO will sell BASED to to accumulate stables and prepare to buyback if the peg goes below 1.
  • The DAO fund will hold a range of assets at the discretion of the core team
  • The fund may or may not invest in safe projects to earn yield and grow itself at the discretion of the team.

15% of BASED Emissions will go to the Treasury(DAO Fund).