Transition of Value and Life after Emission's end

We are rapidly approaching end of Emissions for BSHARE token, which means there will be no incentive for all pools in AGORA.
Protocol will be adding decent sized LP positions to already existing Based - Tomb and Bshare - Ftm LPs and will lock it for eternity - this will provide investors to freely buy and sell Based as well as Bshare tokens when needed! We aim for Protocol Owned Liquidity model for Based Finance.
Acropolis will be alive forever, which means main use case of Bshare is still here and not going anywhere! Bshare can be staked in Acro as before and will be printing $Based tokens when price of Based is above PEG!!!
Majority of Based circulating supply will be burned by bringing utility to this token with every new protocol that will be launched in the future!
Example of this is Prometheus NFT collection that effectively burns Based tokens already, and it will be increasing by day! Some of the effects of decreasing circulating supply of Based token:
Smaller prints
Positive price effect
No more unnecessary prints of Based tokens without a new use case!!!!!!