Team Allocations

As we would like to be 100% transparent with the community, we have outlined the exact development/team funding structure.


  • 3% of emissions will go to our 2 main devs (front-end) and (back-end).
  • 5% of total emissions will go to team members. Not only is this a BASED number, but we feel it is a fair amount to divide between our large team of 12, while not taking a negative toll on the protocol.


  • 9% of total emissions will go to a team pool (STATER) that will be distributed evenly amongst the team and vested linearly over the course of 5.5 months.
Team tokens will be linearly vested over the course of 5.5 months, the majority of the tokens will be used for marketing, development, and partnerships. Along with the funding to our future protocols supporting the BASED ecosystem.